First time out

Greetings out there. My name is JoAnne and this is a very new adventure for me. I am an accountant by day and a paper crafter by night. One feeds my family and the other feeds my soul. Can you guess which is which?

I am starting this blog for a number of reasons. I’m still debating on exactly what to do with it so bare with me through this incubation period. I know I want to join in with the many crafters that participate in challenges. But that is only one side of who I am. The other side of me is an accountant who loves what I do and loves sharing my knowledge. In particular I enjoy sharing tips on how to get more out of QuickBooks accounting software.  So if you happen to be an odd duck like myself who can’t decide whether she wants to craft or count, whether she wants to use her right brain, left brain, or at times “no brain” then please join my Quick Tips Jar journey.

For now, because I have an arsenal of crafting supplies I’m choosing to move forward with using, rather than simply collecting, my papercrafting supplies.

Sooo… let’s get started! Well, after I return home from Yooperland. Wow. Nothing like starting a new adventure in blogging by going on an adventure in the UP.

See you soon.



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